Responding to the market demands and a desire to offer a full-ice Mite hockey experience for its membership, over twenty Chicago area clubs have formed a new youth hockey league that will debut this fall. 



The Glenview Generals offer travel hockey teams at the Mite level only.  

For information on Glenview travel teams at the Squirt level and above,

please visit the Glenview Stars website at


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Upcoming Events

Mite 2 vs Avs at Dells Poppy Rink
Mon Feb 20, 8:00am
Mite 2 possible consolation at Reedsburg Arena
Mon Feb 20, 11:55am
Mite 2 possible Green Championship at Dells Poppy Rink
Mon Feb 20, 1:15pm
Mite 1 Game @ Glacier vs Avs
Mon Feb 20, 5:00pm
Mite Goalie Clinic @ Jet Ice
Mon Feb 20, 5:15pm
Jet Ice
Mite 3 Skills @ Jet Ice
Tue Feb 21, 5:10pm
Jet Ice
MMDP White Game @ Niles Outdoor vs Winnetka Gold
Tue Feb 21, 6:20pm
Niles Outdoor
Mite 1 Practice @ MP
Wed Feb 22, 4:10pm
Mite 3 Practice @ Mt. Prospect
Wed Feb 22, 4:10pm
Mt. Prospect Ice Arena
Mite 2 Practice @ NSIA-ST
Wed Feb 22, 4:30pm